Wintery Dream: How to Enjoy Your Ski Holiday in Switzerland

If you are looking for a unique skiing experience with endless towering views, snow-covering peaks, plenty fondue, and chocolate, then you need to book a trip to Swiss land for a skiing holiday. With Switzerland’s deep-rooted history, four different-language speaking people, unique cultural practices, gastronomic areas, Switzerland skiing resorts are prolific.

About Destination:


Val Thoren is world’s best ski resort that combines unique skiing atmosphere, which ensures that every holidaymaker attains unique experience in the destination. Whether you are an experienced mountain goat or a first timer, Val Thoren offers a great experience for everyone as it features wide activities that suit every budget.

Val Thorens is a car-free resort with a lot of innovative sports developed in a pure mountain style. The destination is popular due to the fact that snow is guaranteed in Val Thorens every day and over 99% of the skiing area is situated over 2000 meters. The destination also features a large skiing at high altitude and exceptional snow.

With large skiing area, high-Alpine, large vertical and glacier skiing as well as off-piste terrain, Val Thoren is compelling for experts. That is why Switzerland is the home of ski professionals as well as Olympic winners.


Tips on How to Enjoy a Ski Holiday in Switzerland:



Switzerland’s ski resorts are sometimes busy, features a wide variety of activities and can be expensive. This informs why many tourists sometimes opt for North America Skiing resorts. However, Switzerland has rated world’s best resorts and with good preparation, the destination packs serious skiing and delivers everything you could want from a ski holiday. Here are tips on how to get to the destination and enjoy the Ski Holiday in Switzerland:


Choose the Right Resort:

A few skiing resorts make to the best list of “Best Resorts in Switzerland.” You may have heard about different ski destinations in the region. Some of these destinations draw a large population and are available with high prices while other resorts offer the same skiing experience but with far much lower costs. Choose a skiing resort that offers great experience but affordable prices. Val Thorens, for instance, a wide variety of features available at a wide variety of prices that fits every budget.


Consider using Swiss Travel Pass:

Public transport is very convenient in Switzerland. You can use Geneva Airport Transfers to Val Thorens. The country is popular for its efficient and widespread public transportation system, which is available at very affordable prices. It can be a waste of money to have a rental car to have a rental car parked in a parking lot while you go boarding every day. Moreover, a number of sky villages are car-free and public transport system that includes buses and trains include lifts in their tickets.

Traveling around Switzerland is easier with Swiss pass as it gives you unlimited first-class public transport in most parts of Switzerland. This reduces a lot of stress when it comes to planning your trip. Sometimes, the pass is not available for everyone as it runs concurrently and if you are one of the ski villages, it can be even more convenient to book a private transfer to your destination or such as to town. From Geneva to Val Thorens, you can consider using Geneva airport transfers, which is considered the most efficient transportation service in the area.


Look for Convenient and Affordable Accommodation:

Finding a perfect accommodation for snowboard or ski trip is not easy in Switzerland. With the low budget, you will probably not find accommodation in the mountain villages and you have limited options. You may have to stay in a nearby Switzerland city and commute to your
ski destination or share one-of the self-catered accommodation with friends or family members.

Sharing self-catered accommodation can be even cheaper and convenient as you will cook your own food and save on costs. There are a number of self-catering apartments in most Swiss Ski villages.


Explore Switzerland Superb Terrains:

There are always unique things that you can do during your free time and may not involve a lot of costs. Switzerland’s superb terrain is a great experience that can make you forget that you are in a foreign country. You can also be nice to stay Swiss and learn more about their culture. Some of the most common and recommendable activities that you get involved in include fondue, ice skating, sledding, paragliding,
and dog sledding. My favorite activity in Val Thorens is playing alphorn and you can find a lesson about this online before you get there.

Bring your own or rent?

Even if you have your own gear, ski or snowboard equipment, there are still a number of factors that you have to consider before packing them to the destination. We recommend that, if you have your equipment, you can come with your own boots as a carry-on. It is not easy to find boots that fit well like your own as quality boots are designed to fit well on your feet.

If the destination is far and involves flying, it makes more sense to rent the gear as flying with some of the equipment can painful. Moreover, dozens rental shops in most Swiss rental destinations have quality rental gear and rent them at affordable prices. The gears are also available at different qualities that fit everyone’s pocket.


Packing for Swish Ski Trip:

If you are flying to Switzerland, we recommend traveling as light as possible. use a carry on a backpack that leaves you free as you travel with your snowboard. Carry one luggage can also help you save on cost as it accommodates ski/snowboard gear, which counted as sporting equipment. If you are traveling to a destination with your own ski gear, we recommend that you opt for a lightweight bag with wheels.



From experience we have found that private Geneva to Verbier transfers and shared transfer Geneva to Val Thorens was a pleasurable experience with local Geneva Airport To Meribel Bus Service, Gva Transfers.


Switzerland features word’s charming and sophisticated resorts that include Val Thorens. Most of the resorts are increasing, improving and are features some of the high-end hotels as well as restaurants. Getting one of these destinations requires planning as some are expensive. Note that public transportation in Swiss is very affordable but you can still you can find a private transport to your destination.

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